Calisthenics 2.0 Workout Plan

Start your Calisthenics Journey with a 4 weeks plan where you will be introduced to specific skill training to unlock the  Muscle Up, Back Lever, Front Lever, L-sit and Handstand.

You will get access to a 4 weeks plan consisting Push/Pull and Core  Workouts with video instructions to get you into an amazing shape whilst learning beautiful skills in the same time.

You’ll also get access to the live chat feature where you can reach out to me with any questions you have in regards your plan, exercises and adjustments you may require to get an absolute bespoke program for you.

Choose this plan if you already have some basic gym experience, can do 20+ Push ups and 8+ Pull ups. Looking forward working together.


Calisthenics 3.0 Workout Plan

Take your training further with Calisthenics 3.0

Diving in deep into Handstand practice, Muscle Ups and Planche training whilst building the strength required for these skills.

 The package includes 24/7 access to the App and myself, video sessions on a weekly bases, nutrition guides, training techniques, personalised workouts and challenges. You will have me as your PT, right in your pocket.

Duration: 5 weeks

Use this plan if you have either completed Calisthenics 2.0 Workout Plan or can do a couple of Muscle Ups and Tuck Planche Hold for a few seconds.

Brutal Booty 8 Week Program

This 8 week program aims to improve your overall fitness while giving your the glutes you’ve been dreaming of!

Phase 1 (weeks 1-4): Designed to build a strong foundation while improving cardiovascular ability to get you feeling fit. By staying in a hypertrophy (optimal muscle building) range with progressive overload each week you will start making gains on your glutes and surrounding muscles to sculpt toned, lifted glutes, giving you a badass butt!

Phase 2 (weeks 5-8): Consists of added training systems including; holds, drop sets, supper sets, and matrix to increase intensity, maximise your sessions, and ensure progression.

All exercises have video demonstrations, and detailed instructions for exercises and training systems. You will have 24/7 access to myself and the App. 

Full Body Tone 12 Week Plan

This program is designed for those who are looking to lose weight and tone up.

You will learn how to use certain bits of equipment and familiarize yourself with the intimidating free weight section. You will expand your knowledge of exercise, build up your confidence, and feel great in your body.

This program incorporates; full body workouts, stability & core engagement, correcting poor posture.

Detailed instructions and demonstration videos are available for each exercise.

Unlock The Handstand Plan

Coming Soon…