1-1 Personal Training

Get in touch to book a face to face consultation and complementary PT taster session with Kara or Alex in Poole. 

They will help you reach your goals with enjoyable training sessions, and a personalised plan that is programed to fit your schedule, ability, and goals. With Weekly check ins, nutritional guidance, monthly progress checks and daily habit building tasks, you will have that extra push to keep you on track and accountable. 

With 1-1 sessions you will learn how to perform exercises optimally and safely to help you gain the knowledge you need to continue with your fitness journey. Their aim is not only to get you amazing results but also to help you become more confident in yourself.

Package options: 

1 45 min PT session £25

1 hour PT session £30 

4  45 min PT sessions a month £88 (£22 per session) 

4  60 min PT sessions a month £100 (£25 per session)

Get a personalized workout Plan that is specifically designed for you and your goals. With the ease of using our app where we can share your workouts, track your nutritional goals,  progress photos, daily habits and more! All exercises have step by step instructions and demonstration videos. You can provide feedback on your workouts, allowing us to adjust the difficulty accordingly.

Get in touch for an online consultation to discuss your goals.

Prices range from £40-£100 per program

Still not convinced?

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Small Group Classes

Join our community, make friends and train with people with similar goals to you. 

All our classes are small group personal training sessions, meaning you will have an instructors close attention and personalisation of exercises to match your level, making them suitable for all abilities!

Small group Calisthenics class at Personal Training Poole studio every Saturday at 10:45am & Wednesday at 7:15pm – £‎15/class or £‎50 for 4 classes a month.

NEW Body Evolve class at Personal Training Poole studio every Friday at 7:10pm – £15/class or £‎50 for 4 classes a month.

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2-1 Personal Training

Grab your training buddy to share the cost and smash your goals together!  It’s a great way to keep each other accountable and transform together. You’re also more likely to stick to your plan and you’ll have lots of fun achieving your goals!

Buddy PT session – £15 each